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I did more today *__________*

+ 10 Yami no Matsuei
+ 6 X
+ 9 Tokyo Babylon

Yami no Matsuei:


Tokyo Babylon:

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God, they're awesome. I love the 3rd Tokyo Babylon one, the effect ^^ And what font do you use on some of the YnM ones? :3
thank youuuu <333 i think i used PMingLiU for all the icons O.o;;
How did you do that effect on the 3rd TB oneee? ^ ^

Love the icons of d00m! <3
thanks hun, ummmm i got a print screen of just a plain photoshop grid and then i did lighten and TA-DA
Snagged several for later use. Credits. ^__^
no problemm
I luff the blue muraki one sooo much!
actually I luff all the YnM ones
Awww thank youuu fdgkljdflds <333
Nabbed dem alls. ^_^ Credit and such.
thank you ^_^ <3
Just ONE issue, Phae. IN the first Yami one, it should say "you're". Heh, anyway...

I might be using the second Yami one. I dunno! I wanna ask you to make me an icon, friend's banner, and layout, but my paid account will be running out in like a month, so it might not be worth it. T_T Nyargh.
CRAP!!! i always do that >.<;;;;;;

use whatever you want XDD BUT!!! OMFGOJGLSFJLK WHOA i meaannn i would pay for your LJ if i had a freaken card but nooooOOOoooOOOooo i'm just too young, but i get mine as gifts >.>;; but anyway, if you end up getting one XD i wouldn't mind at all ^_^ i love making them <3
LOVE the Miyavi ones... once I get a paid account I will fill it with MIYAVI ICONS!!!!!!!